Stay At Home Dad: Part 1.5

So far so good!

Baby is happy and we had a lot of fun finding our toes, dancing to Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges, and playing with a crinkly lion toy. I read the majority of the Isaac Asimov novel ‘Currents of Space’ to the little guy, and I think he enjoyed it!

Griffin ReadingAs expected, he was so  exhausted after our day of dancing, reading, and exploration that he fell asleep around 6pm. After 4.5/5 hours of sleep (do the math, carry the one…) he was awake and ready to GO by 11pm. He slept here and there, and Stacy and I took turns getting him back to sleep, but I believe I did see 6am…

What are your tips and tricks for getting an infant to sleep? I wanna know!

(No, seriously, I want to know.)

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  1. Hi Richard,
    on researching who else is in our position, you are one of the first bloggers I’ve found. I started the same journey as you, but 18 months into our youngest’s journey (with an elder of 30 months). So good luck to you on your staying at home dadness.
    Most of the hard work’s been done for me by ‘us’ so I can, unpopularly, encourage you to try Gina Ford books – a gruelling routine to follow when kid’s young which helped us very quickly get kids sleeping through the night. Its hard to start, but once you get used to them taking about 10 minutes to sleep, it makes for great nights, later on.

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