So far so good!

Baby is happy and we had a lot of fun finding our toes, dancing to Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges, and playing with a crinkly lion toy. I read the majority of the Isaac Asimov novel ‘Currents of Space’ to the little guy, and I think he enjoyed it!

Griffin ReadingAs expected, he was so  exhausted after our day of dancing, reading, and exploration that he fell asleep around 6pm. After 4.5/5 hours of sleep (do the math, carry the one…) he was awake and ready to GO by 11pm. He slept here and there, and Stacy and I took turns getting him back to sleep, but I believe I did see 6am…

What are your tips and tricks for getting an infant to sleep? I wanna know!

(No, seriously, I want to know.)