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Professional trombone player in the Indianapolis area. I play, I teach and I run! Currently adding 'baby wrassler' to my resume!

Toddler Days 8.23.17

The fear is real. The anger palpable. The force of nature that is my toddler can be felt from different parts of the house. You know it is there, in the undercurrent of the activities, the subtext to the babbling. … Continue reading

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Toddler Days 8.8.17

Be careful what you ask for. Many times I find myself wishing, pleading, for some peace and quiet during the day. And when that quiet happens, there cannot be peace! Quiet toddlers are like quiet farts. They're dangerous! As I … Continue reading

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Toddler Days 8.2.17

Evening walks have become an exercise in inefficiency. Q: How can one walk for nearly an hour and basically go nowhere? A: Bring a toddler. I've learned that there are really big sticks, big sticks, and play sticks. Depending on … Continue reading

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Toddler Days 7.27.17

You know something is amiss when your toddler who regularly wakes up precisely at 6:51am every single morning wakes up at 9:30am. This is not cause for celebration. This is cause for alarm and a warning. Raise your threat level … Continue reading

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Toddler Days 7.25.17

Here is my attempt to document the crazy days I have with my 2.5 year old son. This isn't because my toddler boy is special and everybody needs to know about him and his activities , it's simply because he … Continue reading

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Finding The Groove

As a stay at home dad, loving husband, and freelance musician, my schedule is anything but steady and predictable! Many days (or weeks…) can go by without making much progress on the goals I have set out for myself. Days … Continue reading

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Growth is Good

Growth comes in many forms. Sometimes I consider getting a load of laundry complete as a victory, which leads to growth in some fashion! Anytime we can get a check in the ‘WIN’ column, is growth. The past few months … Continue reading

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