Growth is Good

Growth comes in many forms. Sometimes I consider getting a load of laundry complete as a victory, which leads to growth in some fashion! Anytime we can get a check in the ‘WIN’ column, is growth.

The past few months I have been growing in several ways:

1. Practiced bass trombone everyday for 4 months
2. Put together my bass trombone audition resume
3. Put together my CV for the first time ever (it’s currently 7 pages)
4. Creatively entertaining a toddler
5. Getting finances together
6. Getting organized

mark twain procrasinationOk, well, a couple of those listed above need some work still, but growth is good. Anytime we can make a tiny bit of progress is one less day we have to sit around thinking about what we need/should/ought to be doing.

A little goes a long way!

So take it from me, the guy who hasn’t written anything on this blog in over a year…get something started, don’t worry about when that something will be finished, or if it will ever get finished, just start it. Baby steps, baby!

Let me know what you plan on starting, and how you plan on going about doing it!

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