Pandemic Parental Pedagogy

Teaching at home due to school closures while a health emergency rises globally is a scenario  I never thought I’d have to worry about five and a half years ago when I became a parent.

Yet, here we are.

We are 4 days into our ‘At-Home Learning’ lifestyle and we are doing A-OK! No problem here at all! Griffin, age 5, and Ellington, age 3 are well behaved beautiful angels. They never talk back, they never interrupt, they are always happy to stick to the school day schedule we’ve set up, and they always eat everything for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I couldn’t be happier and sometimes I wonder why I didn’t have children 10 or 20 years earlier in my life.


What a great nap! Oh, what a crazy dream I had. I dreamt that my children were super easy to teach and they did everything their mom and I asked them to do. And, oh, did they eat everything that was made for them?! They graciously ate everything we put in from of them and were appreciative of the effort that went into making their breakfast, lunch and dinner! What a crazy dream THAT was!

Let’s see, where was I…oh yeah ‘At-Home Learning’. How are things going? Well, there are times I wish I were never born. Then there are the other times, better times, I wish I had taken that vow of celibacy and had gone into the monastery.

I kid, but only slightly…

We’re doing OK here. We have been having a full school day everyday, and we just finished day 5. It feels like day 254, truly. I have always given teachers respect and the appreciation they deserve, and now after only 5 days my respect and appreciation has grown exponentially!! Thank you teachers for all you do and all you will do to further my children’s and everyone else’s children education and make them all a confident, compassionate, and strong human being.


Griffin’s pre-K teacher sent home their daily schedule and we’ve been trying to stick to the plan. This is what we attempt to do each day:

IMG_3260Some days are better than others so far, which is to be expected. The work sheets are a wonderful thing and both kids LOVE working on them:


I know that the kids are loving staying home and spending lots of time with each other and Stacy and I, but IT IS A GRIND, I’ll tell ya!

Staying focused and encouraging and positive takes a lot of energy. I want the learning to be fun for both of us, and certainly don’t want to discourage either of them by being a task master. It’s a delicate balance that I will have to keep getting better at balancing! Thankfully, we have plenty of time to find that perfect balance!

All I know is that we will take advantage of ALL the materials made available from PBS, Scholastic, the teachers Butler Lab School, and the teachers at Fairview Early Childhood Program. We’re gonna need it! How are all of you out there holding up?

The backyard scavenger hunt! They had to find a stick, a shell, leaf, rock, feather, grass, mulch, an acorn, pebbles and tall wheat-like grass! (This activity occupied about 90 blissful minutes!)
Griffin’s ‘maze-house’! 

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