Recital, Feb. 23rd! 7:30pm!

I’m very excited and happy to announce that on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:30pm, I will be presenting a joint recital with my pal and radio co-host, Matthew Altizer. Although on this recital, we won’t be playing a piece together, we have a stellar program of really interesting and fun music for you!

You can view this recital LIVE by going to the recital page for the Butler Arts Center: Duckwall Artist Series: Richard Dole, bass trombone with Special Guests: Matthew Altizer, alto saxophone

Here is the program: (click the button below to download a program)

Richard Dole – bass trombone 
Special Guest: Matthew Altizer – alto sax

Concerto for Bass Trombone (1963) Robert Spillman (b. 1936)
Part 1: Allegro; Recitative
Part 2: Vivace; Andante Moderato
– Royce Thrush, piano

Phoenix (1983) Ryō Noda (b. 1948)
– Matthew Altizer, alto saxophone

Quatuor de saxophones (1983) Ida Gotkovsky (b. 1933)
Mvt. 1 – Misterioso
Mvt. 2 – Lent
The Paul Bro Saxophone Quartet
Bobby Case, soprano saxophone
Matthew Altizer, alto saxophone
Samuel Fritz, tenor saxophone
Steven Georges, baritone saxophone

A Good Assissination Should Be Quiet (1977) David N. Baker (1931 – 2012)
– Joshua Thompson, piano

Text by Mari Evans
he had
A dream

a million hard white eyes
swung impiously heavenward
to mourn
the gross indelicate demise.

such public death
all known rules

A good assassination
should be quiet

and occupy the heart
four hundred

Prayer from Nightsongs (1996) Leslie Adams (b. 1933)
– Joshua Thompson, piano

Text by Langston Hughes

I ask you this:
Which way to go?
I ask you this:
Which sin to bear?
Which crown to put
Upon my hair?
I do not know,
Lord God,
I do not know.

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