Freelance PSA #2: Taping Parts

The stage!

The lights!

The audience!

The life of a gigging musician! Exciting! Travel the world! Create a network of fellow musicians in every city and town and region!

This is all true but there is a less glamorous underside to the exotic life of a freelancing musician. This underbelly side of the business, people do not see or even think about.

This dark side of the musical arts, although rarely seen and even thought of less, is essential to the making of a successful musical performance and career.

Of all the things one must do in order to make the thrilling life of a freelance musician possible, one thing that is seldom (if ever!) talked about, but is absolutely essential, is the taping together of parts!

If you run any type of ensemble that uses music on paper, YOU must make sure that all those parts are taped together. If you play in bands that uses printed music on paper, all of your parts should be taped together. And by taped together I mean really taped together so the pages don’t rip or tear apart. There is a right way and a wrong way to tape together your parts. Allow me to demonstrate:

(video by Brian Pattison)

And now you know! Getting a part nicely taped together is a great feeling. Taping an entire big band chart together…satisfying. Taping an entire BIG BAND BOOK together and seeing all those crisp edges that won’t be sticking together…PRICELESS.

Stay tuned for more Freelance Tips and Tricks!

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