Freelance Notebook (supplemental)

Well, it happened. Everything I have for the rest of March has been canceled. Let me say that this is a good thing from the perspective of dealing with a public health emergency. I am totally in agreement with all of these decisions. Stopping the spread of this is a priority. Holding public events is... Continue Reading →

Freelance Notebook 3.12.2020

I've been very fortunate that most months I've scheduled enough work to cover all my financial responsibilities for our household. There are months that are better than others, but eventually it all balances out...usually. This week, I've lost a couple very high profile (and high paying) engagements due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare. I am... Continue Reading →

30 Day Experiment: Day 5

I'm just gonna come out and say it. Day 5 sucked. Everything went wrong on this day. I tried to change the tube on my flattened bike tire. I cut up my hands. The tire is still flat. I sit down at my desk, I scrap my fingers on the edge. I pull out a... Continue Reading →

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