30 Day Experiment: Day 5

I’m just gonna come out and say it. Day 5 sucked.

Everything went wrong on this day.

I tried to change the tube on my flattened bike tire.
I cut up my hands.
The tire is still flat.

I sit down at my desk, I scrap my fingers on the edge.

I pull out a shirt from the closet, it gets stuck on the hanger. Two shirts fall down and one hanger shoots out of the closet across the room.

I reach up to grab a pair on pants from my closet shelf, an avalanche of clothes falls upon me.

My cats decide that Day 5 was their annual ‘Puke Everything Up’ Holiday.

Everything I tried to do, from picking up a glass, or putting away a plate, made something fall, or I would hit my hand, or something would get stuck. For example, I would put away a glass in the cabinet and my pants pocket would get stuck on the drawer knob, so when I walked away the drawer came with me. OR, I would try to walk out the door, but some clothing article would get caught on the handle and I’d have to untangle myself. OR I reach for the shaving cream/razor in my bathroom cabinet and a scrubbie and a little basket came out with them. I then put the shaving cream/razor on the counter and they not only fell into the sink, but they took the hand soup and my housemates shaving cream, which was left on the counter, down in to the sink too.

Little things for sure, but still things that make a day shitty. I also weighed myself and compared to the last couple of days, I had actually gained 2 pounds. Hopefully this weekend gets better.

Speaking of this weekend, it’s going to be a long one. Plenty or rehearsals and gigs that will force me to make and bring my own food so I don’t go through another ‘INCIDENT’ like the last Michael Feinstein concert I played at the Paladium.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Don’t worry about the scale, bro. I think the mirror is a better judge of progress in this situation. Keep on, keepin’ on!

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