Freelance Notebook (supplemental)

Well, it happened.

Everything I have for the rest of March has been canceled.

Let me say that this is a good thing from the perspective of dealing with a public health emergency. I am totally in agreement with all of these decisions. Stopping the spread of this is a priority. Holding public events is irresponsible with this virus going around. Exposing vulnerable parts of the population is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

So, now, where do us freelancers turn? I’m basically out of 40% of my monthly income. Some concerts are being rescheduled, but others are just canceled outright.

Is there a recourse to pursue in order to recoup those lost funds?

Will the union offer any help?
Will organizations pay a % of what would have been paid?
Will there be a stimulus for us working people? (There seems to be money for the banks…)

What will all of you be doing during this forced time off?

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