Storm before the Calm

I just looked at my schedule for the week and finally put it all together.

Monday: Mid-Term Review for ‘Jazz for Listeners’ class at IUPUI. Then driving to Champagne/Urbana for a Sinfonia da Camera rehearsal. We’re playing some pretty cool stuff this concert: Ernst Bloch ‘Schelomo’, Don Gillis ‘Symphony No. 5.5’, Gershwin ‘American in Paris’ and a piece by Jim Pugh ‘Lunch with Schrodinger’s Cat’ which doesn’t have bass trombone on it, but I’m sure it’s cool anyway.

Tuesday: ISO rehearsal for a ‘Side-by-Side’ concert with area youth. I love any and every opportunity to play with the ISO. The brass section is the best around and everybody in the orchestra are incredibly nice! I’m looking forward to this concert in particular because I remember when I was a youth playing in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and getting a chance to play next to Tim Myers and Roger Oyster for those Sid-by-Side concerts! What a thrill! Then Tuesday night a rehearsal with my jazz combo at IUPUI.

Wednesday: Mid-Term time for the ‘Jazz for Listeners’ class! I hope they study. That night, the ISO ‘Side-by-Side’ concert.

Thursday: Mid-Term for ‘Music Business Marketing’ at IUPUI. This test may very well be quite difficult. I hope they’re ready. Thursday night a rehearsal with the IUPUI second big band. That band is coming together! I’m really looking forward to getting this concert together.

Friday/Saturday: Back up to Champagne/Urbana for two more rehearsals and a concert with the Sinfonia da Camera. During the down time, I’ll be franticly grading Mid-Terms!

Sunday: My girlfriend Emily and I fly out to Connecticut to visit my Mom. From CT we’ll hang for two days in Boston and then 3 days in NYC!

Lot’s of work this week, but a HUGE payoff at the end of it all. I get to get out of town for nearly a week and see some great friends I haven’t seen in a long, long time! Isn’t life all about this?

Working hard simply for money doesn’t really do it for me. Yes, I like to have enough money to pay bills  and be comfortable, but I rather would work hard and be busy as a freelance musician, so that I can relax and party hard too! I enjoy all the work I do (especially since it’s difficult) which allows me to also enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Bon Voyage sweet people and I’ll come back so relaxed, it will take me three days to type on blog post!

One more thing. I often hear the phrase, ‘Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ But what if you love working?

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