Naming Issue (with potential prizes…)

I have a naming issue.

No, I’m happy with my name. I can’t tell you what ‘joy’ it brings me when people realize that ‘Dick’ is a perfectly acceptable abbreviation for ‘Richard’. I’ve never understood that. I mean we don’t have a female equivalent abbreviation like that do we?

Me: “Hey Cleavage!”

My embarrassed friend: “What are you doing?!! You just yelled Cleavage?!”

Me: “No, I yelled TO Cleavage. It’s okay, Cleavage is Barbara’s socially acceptable abbreviated name.”

So, no, I’m not unhappy with my given name despite the anatomically unfortunate abbreviation.

I’m unhappy with the Name of this Blog. I don’t want it to be simply ‘Richard Dole’, because that’s lame. Currently the Name of the Blog is ‘Mythical 5th Position’, but that’s pretty much a lame inside joke to 3 or 4 other trombone players out there.

No, I need a good Name for this Blog and I need your help! I want YOU to help me Name this sucker! I want the name to be interesting, somewhat funny, appropriate and informative.

Names I’ve already tossed out:

Dick’s Daily Dialogue and Diary
Rich’s Run
Rich’s Blog
Et tu blog?
What’s a Blog?
Wait ’till I put my Blog on you
Wow, this Blog is BIG!
Just Another Blog
You’d Be So Nice to Blog To

I would love to see what YOU think this blog should be named. If I choose your title, I will personally meet you out for dinner and drinks. But wait there’s more! Not only will I meet you out for dinner and drinks, I will hang out with you! AND, I will purchase your drinks and an appitizer for our dinner together in public with me and you!

Sounds appetizing huh?

Well, get naming!!

6 thoughts on “Naming Issue (with potential prizes…)

Add yours

  1. How about this? “Call/text Carl. He’s about to leave town for 6 months and can’t get ahold of you. He wants to buy you a beer!”

  2. Richard Move
    Rich Dole’s Din of Inequity, (although there are probably a bunch of blogs called the Din of Inequity)
    Rich’s Rusty Trombone blog

  3. I like ‘Mythical 5th Position’ – it makes it sound like you know something about music that most of your readers don’t know. Which will make them want to read you. 🙂

    I love ‘Phallus Banana’ – but not for this blog. I think I’ll actually use it on something that I’m working on…

    How about:
    Dicking Around
    Blow it out your… (a trombonist’s trip through life)
    A sliding scale


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