30 Day Experiment: Mid-Week 2

Clearly, I’m not going to write 30 separate posts throughout this experiment. I want friends at the end of it all. Instead, I’m just going to post some random thoughts as I go through things.

The sexy part of the store!

Something occurred the past couple of days that I have found interesting. When I enter a grocery store, I actually begin to salivate in the produce section! Everything looks great and appealing. I don’t even venture into the interior of the store anymore and things that I used to eat a bunch (i.e. – processed foods, pastas, cheeses, snacks, etc) are no longer appealing to me. Not at all.

Now it’s all fresh produce all the time. It’s much healthier and cheaper!

It seems to me that I am attracted to, as a general rule, carbs. I love chips, pretzels, crackers, pastas, breads, etc, etc. These things all taste good. Some are even technically ‘vegan’, but whoa nelly, are they technically healthy? I can eat a TON of these snackie things and then, I gotta tell you, I feel like crap. I can tell that I’ve over indulged in the snack area and boy do I get lethargic, sleepy, lazy and sometimes upset.

A healthy snack!

So I’ve corrected this by buying healthy snacks. Almonds, cashews, dried fruit, fresh fruit, veggies and hummus. This way, I’ll snack on nutrient rich and protein laden foods between meals that will help me feel more energetic, positive and motivated.

I decided this week to up my milage per run. I usually go anywhere between 3-4.5 miles, so this week I cranked it up a notch. After two longer runs I’ve logged 11.5 miles! Breaking that 5 mile mark, then the 6 mile mark felt pretty good! I’m halfway to a mini-marathon!!

What foods do you enjoy snacking on that are healthy? And, how do you stay motivated and inspired to increase your workout?

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