Forced Vacation: Week 3 and 4

I sat down to write this blog around April 10th, now it is April 20th. Where did the time go? I wanted to write a blog post a week about this new paradigm in my freelance career, yet I can hardly seem to find the time to do it!

Where does the time go?

I know everybody has different situations and different responsibilities during this ‘shelter-in-place’ moment in our world, but one thing that seems to be consistent with anyone I speak with is the fact that time, or rather our perception of time, is moving at a different pace than we are used to.

I have two children at home. Griffin is 5 years old, and Ellie is 3 years old, and it has become mostly my responsibility to be their teacher. I use the term teacher loosely. Teaching is an art-form and there is a reason people feel a ‘calling’ to go into the profession. Early childhood education is a whole separate beat all together! I’ve always had respect for teachers, but now that respect has grown exponentially. Our ‘school-days’ at home drag by at the speed of honey soaking into moist bread. There are times I think it is 2:30pm on a Thursday afternoon and the school day is coming to a close. But when I look at the clock I find out it’s only 11:15 in the morning…on the previous Monday.

The after school hours I can cram in some teaching, some practicing, writing, and radio interview. Those hours fly by and I can barely get anything accomplished. The next time I look up, it’s now April 23rd and I’m not much further along with this blog post.

How is the time going by so slowly AND so fast?

My perception of time is all out of whack!

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