Leap Year Neglect


Another Leap Year has literally leaped by me once again without any notice. Really, it’s just another day in another week as part of another year. I didn’t feel any different, do anything strange, or took notice at all to be honest.

However…the day was full of abnormalities:

– The day was rather warm. 66 degrees according to my LA CROSS Technology Wireless
Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Monitor.
– I went for a long walk in the warm sunlight.
– I thought it was March 1st all day, despite all of the Facebook posts talking about and rejoicing in the Leap Year festivities.
– I fell asleep very early, I think while talking to my girlfriend on the phone. (sorry Emily)

This got me thinking, does something strange happen every Leap Year? The answer is no, but some strange and wonderful things did happen on February 29th through the ages.
For example:

– The first three women in Salem, MA were accused of witchcraft
– The Methodist Church was established
– Italian composer Rossini born
– Hugh Hefner opened his first Playboy Club in Chicago
– Hank Aaron became the first baseball player to sign a $200,000 contract
– The final episode of M*A*S*H aired
– The first “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs were installed (44th Street and Broadway at Times Square)
– The first time this phrase was uttered, “I’m not going to let some damn sign tell me when I can and can’t walk”.
– The first pedestrian fatality while a “Don’t Walk” sign was flashing red occurred
– Big Band leader, alto saxophonist and heavy drinker, Jimmy Dorsey born.

My Leap Year productivity

I should have been celebrating the wealth of February 29th all day. Instead, I took a picture of a tree.

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