30 Day Experiment: Day 3

Well, after reading the comments from the previous post (Day 2) I took Gary’s advice and went for a nice long bike ride today instead of running (to let my feet relax a bit). However, I like to use my bike to DO something. It’s fun to ride, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like the bike needs to work. Like a sheep herding dog…it needs to work. So I strapped on my backpack, got my grocery list together and hit the road. Halfway through my 25 mile ride I stopped to get the food on the list and proceeded home with a backpack full of great food that I will soon consume.

The food on today’s docket was mostly leftovers from the previous couple of days (It’s curious how I’m actually eating less at each meal, but more meals during the day). After the ride I scarfed down some avocado sandwiches and Couscous salad before heading to my gig. When I got home I made a killin’ curried vegetable with tofu dish.

As I move more into the vegan thinking, I notice that I have to plan ahead and pack lunches, snacks, etc because I know that most places I will be playing in the next month will have little to no vegan options. I’m also beginning to think about sustainability and whether or not my choices are creating a larger carbon footprint, or shrinking it.

This is me thinking

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

Is simply not eating meat enough? Is eating food that was grown on the other side of the world and shipped here just as bad or worse? Can I eat and live not only as a vegan (or Plant Powered) AND live responsibly and sustainably?

These are some of the topics I’ll begin discussing as this seemingly unassuming and short 30 Day Experiment moves forward.

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