Day 4 into this no-drinking, vegan eating, exercising every day, and things are progressing quite well I’d say. My energy is up, I never feel bloated (nor hungover which is nice) and I’m having fun trying to make new dishes and even experiment a bit in the kitchen. Am I missing the dairy/cheese/meat/alcohol? Surprisingly, not at all.

The question of what to eat when going to a restaurant as a Plant Power eater was going to be an issue sooner or later, whichever came first. Having been scanning menus around town for the last year, I knew the choices were pretty thin, and some places simply don’t have ANY vegan options much less vegetarian dishes. So today I ventured out into the restaurant world to find a vegan option. This morning I briskly walked up to Cafe Patachou with my good friend and housemate Eugenio where I found several vegan friendly options. I chose perhaps the best breakfast I’ve had in a long long time!
I present to you: Homemade Granola with Berries and Soy Milk!

Best Granola I’ve had!

I need to find a good recipe for homemade granola! Any suggestions?!

Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise

I later worked off this delicious meal by running 3.6 miles in 44 minutes, so that was nice.

Another discovery I have made, one that I never knew I would every try much less enjoy, is Vegenaise! Vegenaise made from Grapeseed Oil. Oh My [insert your god-like figure here]! This salad dressing or sandwich spread is absolutely delicious with no cholesterol, very little fat, no carbs and it seems that grapeseed oil actually promotes the ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL) and lowers your ‘bad cholesterol’ (LDL) in your system! Yum!!

It’s fun learning things on this experiment and I look forward to learning more!
Right now I feel good, but I can only image how I’ll feel in a few weeks!