30 Day Experiment: End of Week 3

Off the wagon, but will it last…

As you may have been able to figure out from my previous post, Week 3 was kind of rough. Despite all that, I’ve run over 20 miles, played some cool ass gigs and the weight loss is beginning to show. (hovering between 189 – 191 the last few days)

I also had a drink, well, several drinks.

It’s interesting to see how after 20 days of not imbibing, how easy it is to observe the effect alcohol has on you. At the always fun Impalas gig this past weekend, I had a few glasses of wine, then a beer after the gig. I certainly felt the alcohol work on my brain, it calmed me down and kind of gave me a euphoric feeling. Like a silk scarf being rubbed on and across my inner child. In the past, I’ve stopped my drinking on a particular evening  because I couldn’t see straight, couldn’t afford anymore, or simply didn’t have room to put anything else in my belly. This time, I stopped because I wanted to get up and run the next morning (which I did. A 4 mile run). It’s also interesting that since I was drinking every day for months and months, the euphoric effect was kind of lost. I was drinking just to drink, just to get to a ‘normal’ head space. This drinking less often could actually work out…

I could easily see how easy it could be to jump back into the drinking scene with both feet, but I’m going to take it nice and slow and ease into a moderate drinking schedule. I’d rather have drinking be the exception rather than the rule.

What I must now concentrate on is caloric intake. If I go out and have a lot to drink, I’m taking on a huge amount of calories that I simply don’t need and my body doesn’t want. My thinking has to shift from ‘How can I get drunk’ to ‘How can I have fun and still run tomorrow while burning fat?’

A pretty big shift to say the least.

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