Time flies…

Wow. Time really flies when you’re avoiding doing things. It has been quite a while since I

Buckling down and writing!

last blogged. I have gotten started on several blogs, but just put them in the ‘Drafts’ folder. I felt as if I didn’t have anything interesting to talk about, but I finally realized that I have yet to talk about anything interesting, so I might as well buckle the fuck down and get writing.

I also didn’t feel like I had much to contribute because I really haven’t been cooking very much. My creativity juices really weren’t flowing. My emotional capacity and passion for much of anything have been pretty well drained. Here is an example of my thought process, which I believe really shows my lack of energy:

“I’m hungry.”
“I should make something.”
“I don’t feel like making anything, nothing sounds good.”
“I guess I’m not hungry.”

Check out the Owlery in Bloomington!

The upside is that even though I’ve been keeping up the milage on the running front (about 18 miles per week on average), I just haven’t been that hungry. I went to The Owlery the other day (a vegetarian restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana) and I only got a cup of soup. It was delicious, but normally I order a giant appetizer and an entree!

But, in other more positive news, my 30-Day Experimentstarted 7 weeks ago. After 7 weeks of running on a regular basis and not eating ANY animal products and slowing down on the drinking, I have lost a grand total of 15 pounds! My pant size have dropped 4 inches and I can now buy the ‘skinny fit’ fancy shirts that show that I have a human shape

My human shape before going vegan and running looked like this gourd.

and not a body shaped like a gourd! When I think back to January of 2011, I’m amazed that I weighed 221 pounds! So in the last 18 months, I’ve lost 36 pounds!!

Overall, I am learning to be happy and am starting to get my life/house/car/garden/yard in order. The mental/work energy is slowing coming back.

Soon, I’ll be a complete human being once again and not a sad sack of lumpy shit.

Here’s to the future!

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  1. Rich – GREAT progress on diet and exercise plan, man. That is awesome! In terms of being creative and being a complete human…all I can say is: let that happen as it will.

    Stay healthy, brother! See you in a few weeks! 🙂


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