Game On!

It’s official!!

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Half Marathon Roadmap

I will be running the Monumental Half Marathon on November 3rd here in Indianapolis! The race is exactly 12 weeks away, so my No-Meat-Athlete Half Marathon Roadmap will be perfect to get me ready for 13.1 miles!

Now that running a Half-Marathon is ‘real’, it is kind of daunting! I’ve never run more that 6.8 miles at one time, so I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be able to run twice that at one time in one morning!

I’ll be running my first 5K at Ribberfest in Madison, Indiana!!

To gear up for 13.1, I’ll be doing the Ribberfest 5K next weekend in Madison, Indiana! Now 3.2 miles is a far cry from 13.1 miles, but it will be my first official ‘race’ and I’m looking forward to being a part of the festivities!

Today I start the trainer for the Half Marathon and I’m super excited!

Today is a new day!
New food will be cooked today!
A new fitness routine will be started today!
All new smiles today!!

What are YOU doing to start something NEW in your LIFE?!! You deserve it! Let me know and let’s cheerlead each other in our new endeavors!

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