The Challenge

Half-Marathon Roadmap

I recently began reading the “No Meat Athlete Half Marathon Roadmap: The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First 13.1” by Matt Frazier. Before the book gets into the training program the first Chapter is all about ‘Making It Real: Goals and Commitments’. In this chapter, Matt asks you questions and you have to answer them. Then he suggests that you write down your goals and commitments. That is exactly what I’m doing, right here and right now!

Why do I want to run a Half-Marathon?
I never thought I could or would run a half marathon, much less WANT to run one! I want to run a half marathon to get in shape, be more active, live longer, be happier, and to do it while being a vegan.

How would my life improve if I ran a Half-Marathon?
My body would be closer to where it needs to be weight-wise, health-wise and energy-wise.

What would I look like and how would I feel if I were a vegetarian Half-Marathoner?
I would lose my pear shape and be FIT! I want to be fit and correct my unhealthy lazy ways and lifestyle. To do this as a vegetarian/vegan would both reduce my waist line and my carbon footprint simultaneously.

What would other people think about you?
I don’t really care what other people think, but if by me doing a Half-Marathon as a vegetarian/vegan makes other people think about or re-think their eating habits and lifestyle, then thats even better.

What would happen if I DIDN’T do this?
If I didn’t do this, I’m afraid my lifestyle choices would slip back to my unhealthy ways. I see this as a first step towards living the life I want to live, and having my body look like how I feel about myself.


The next step is registering for a half-marathon. I am planning on doing the Monumental Marathon/Half-Marathon in Indianapolis at the beginning of November that is looking like a nice target for me! On August 18th, I’ll be running my first official 5K down in Madison, Indiana for their RibberFest! Should be fun!!

How many of you out there have run a half-marathon (or longer)? What suggestions do you have for me as I go on this journey? While you were training, did anything unexpected come up that I should know about? Anybody want to run the Half-Marathon on November 3rd with me?

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