First Speed Bump

Well, I’ve had my first speed bump with my running this past week. Since I’ve been ranting about the ISO Musician Lockout (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) , I haven’t been writing about the running so much, so let me re-cap a couple of weeks here:

Two weeks ago, I was supposed to do a simple 4 mile run, but about 2 miles into the run, I was feeling great! It was a humid morning, sometimes it was drizzling, other times the sun was shining (which just made it hotter), but I felt good so I changed my route and went for it. I ended up running a little over 7.5 miles, in 1 hour and 13 minutes!


So the next week, I was doing my proper miles, 2 miles on Monday, 3.5 on Tuesday, 3 on Thursday, except for on Thursday I POUNDED out a 3.5 mile run in about 24 minutes! I felt great and the only thing I could see on my radar was that 8 mile fun-run on Saturday. So, Saturday morning comes and I hit the road. By about the 3rd mile my left foot started to hurt a bit, by mile 4 I was walking, and I had to end up only going 5 miles.


So I spoke with my running friend and all-around awesome physical guru Lindsey, and she suggested that I stay off of the road for a while and ice it down, massage it and generally take it easy.


So, a week later with no running, some icing and a lot of massaging, I attempted to run again. I didn’t realize how much I missed this simple activity! WOW! Once I got out there, I didn’t want to stop, but the pain was slightly becoming prevalent in the foot, so I walked, then ran, then walked again. I got 2 miles in, it felt good and now I’ll continue massaging and icing my foot down!

A minor speed bump on my path to a half-marathon and beyond, but I’ll get through it and continue on my journey!

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