Taper Week + Fun Gigs!

Well, here we are. The week before my first half-marathon and I gotta say that I’m pretty excited about it! This week is the second of two taper weeks, meaning that the milage is less than previous weeks. It kind of feels weird only running a few miles instead of 7-10, but it all leads up to having fresh legs and mind for a 13.1 mile jaunt on Saturday.

What will also keep me focused and fresh for the run will be these awesome gigs I have this week!

Elevator Up! in action!!!

Tuesday, October 30th, the ever so astounding lounge duo Elevator Up! will be performing from 8pm – 11pm at The Chatterbox Jazz Club on Mass Ave here in Indy. This band plays all the hits from the 70’s through the present day. With Sean Baker on keyboards and hi-hat, and yours truly on trombone, tuba and bass drum, the ensemble will, simply put, change your life!

Friday, November 2nd, I’ll be playing the very famous Symphony #9 by Beethoven in Urbana Illinois with the Sinfonia da Camera. If you are not familiar with this symphony, you certainly know the main theme from the final movement ‘Ode to Joy’. Not only is this a spectacular symphony, but Beethoven wrote this when he was deaf. It is an amazing piece of music featuring a huge choir. I’m really looking forward to it!

After the concert, I drive back, try to sleep a few hours, then head to the Monumental Marathon for an 8am start time!

Fun week!

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