It’s Here!

The half-marathon I have been training for is right around the corner, and I’m pretty excited about it! I’m also excited that I’m doing this as a Plant Powered runner!

That’s my shirt!

Speaking of Plant Powered, I got my ‘No-Meat-Athlete‘ long sleeve shirt in the mail last week and have been proudly wearing it on the final training runs. Since the race is going right by my house, the signs are up and there are painted directions on the street, so it’s getting REAL! Everything is coming together!

My shirt and Bib#7231 for the big race!

I picked up my packet today and I am number 7231. If you care to follow my progress through all the check points, you can do so by signing up for ATHLETE UPDATES. It’s easy and you can follow my time as I run the 13.1!

In less than 24 hours I begin running. It’s so close I’m starting to reflect on WHY I AM DOING THIS! How did this begin? My life is fundamentally different now than it was when I decided to go down this path. I feel better for doing what I have done that is for sure, but when I started I wasn’t doing this 100% for myself. I had alternative motives. Yes, I wanted to lose weight. Yes, I wanted to go vegan. Yes, I wanted to see if I could enjoy running (and I do). Yes, I wanted to change my lifestyle. All of that happened and has had a direct, and positive effect on my life. The alternative motives had to go, so by the end, I DID do everything for myself, and I couldn’t have done it without all of your support out there!

What to do after the race? Am I done running for a while? What next? These are all topics to discuss in future blog posts. Right now, I’m going to create a kick-ass play list for the 13.1!

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