Feeling Connected through the Arts

Since my last post, a rather dark post to be honest, things around here have gotten back on track. Positivity is in the air, the future looks bright, and life is good! I did several things to change my perspective, change my inner dialogue, that all led to feeling happier, more grounded, and more connected to the people and life around me.

Here is a short list of things I have done to help me feel grounded, connected, and happier:
1. Cleaning
2. Cooking
3. Hanging with Friends
4. Therapy
5. Playing fun Gigs
6. Exercising semi-regularly
7. Organizing my life (somewhat)
8. Reading

The past month has been full of playing great music with wonderful musicians. That in itself can pull anybody out of the depression dumps! (I’ll write another blog post about how many different gigs I’ve done and all the repertoire I’ve had to play, because even I would like to see THAT list!)

Everything listed above helped me get out of that funk! I was doing those things when I was in the funk, but I wasn’t in the moment while I was doing them. I wasn’t enjoying those activities. This is where the Arts come into play.

Indianapolis is a smaller city, but it has a great arts scene. Usually when I am available, I will attend concerts, or go hear gigs played by my friends. But the past couple of weeks, I have expanded my artistic intake, and it was been refreshing to say the least.

My beautiful girlfriend and I attended Dance Kaleidoscope‘s presentation of “King’s and Queen’s of Country” last week. Then last night we saw the play “Other Desert Cities” at the Indiana Repertory Theater.

KingsQueensDK’s intensely beautiful execution of the brilliant choreography was engaging, entertaining, beautiful, and heart warming. The performance left me feeling happy and connected to those around me. Performances like that lifts you up to a higher place of existence where time kind of falls away. “Kings and Queens of Country” was so much fun and engaging, I recommend everybody to go check it out!

desertcitiesLast night, we saw an intense play at the IRT. Wow, what a performance! To laugh, tear up, sit on the edge of your seat, stealing ‘oh shit!’ glances from your partner next to you, all during the performance means you are ENGAGED with the stage! I felt slightly voyeuristic during the play as I watched this family dance around a secretive past. Each character was wonderfully developed and the actors pulled you in almost immediately. This play runs now through April 5th, so I also recommend checking this out as well!

Neither performance related directly to my life. No jazz musicians, no trombone players, and no vegan runners were present! However, after each performance I felt more connected, more sure of my self, more engaged with life and the people around me. Isn’t that exactly what the arts are supposed to do?

Not feeling good? Go see a play!
Feeling sad? Watch some dancers move gracefully on stage!
Future looking bleak? Go, sit and listen to a concert!

The ARTS connects all of us. The ARTS help you be MORE you.

Stay in the moment with the ARTS in Indianapolis, and bring happiness to all aspects of your life.


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  1. I just found your blog yesterday and read every entry. I really got a lot out of it, even though I’m not necessarily interested in veganism or tromboning. I liked the honesty of it, and it helped me start writing again! I think you should write more! Thanks anyway for the great posts. Hope life is going great and you’re just way too busy to write!

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