What Do You Do While Running?

I’ve recently gotten back into the running life, and so far I am enjoying it. What I am NOT enjoying is the sub-freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and wind. That damn wind can pierce anything!

When I first started running seriously back in 2012, I used to listen to music. I created running playlists trying to get longer tunes interspersed with faster upbeat tunes so I would have some downtime and spurts of energy and inspiration pumping through my headphones. Then after a while, I stopped listening to music, or anything else, altogether. My time out running was some serious ‘me’ time. I could think about solutions to problems, analyze situations, schedule emails/letters, plan the future of various musical groups, etc, etc. Eventually, even all that has gone away. I don’t need to ‘entertain’ myself while running. Here is a little rundown of what happens (or doesn’t happen) in my head as I run:

– Catalogue all aches and pains.
– Move attention away from aches and pains knowing they will cease once I get in a good rhythm.
– Concentrate on a nice pace.
– Plan route a few turns in advance, nothing too far ahead, I want my mood to take me where I need to go.
– Blank.
– Blank.
– Blank.
– Wow, now I’m home and DAMN I’M COLD!!!

I’m sure as I increase my distances I’ll let my thoughts wander and I’ll wonder about various things, but I doubt I’ll start listening to music, or radio shows, or anything else. I like the comfort of my solitude out there on the road.

How do YOU entertain yourself while running, or working out?

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