Toddler Days 7.25.17

Here is my attempt to document the crazy days I have with my 2.5 year old son. This isn't because my toddler boy is special and everybody needs to know about him and his activities , it's simply because he does some whacked out shit and I don't want to forget about it! You may also find it entertaining.

The day started off fine. The usual waking at 6:51am. Mom gets off to work after managing the toddler while I attempt to sleep a few extra minutes. The baby assures me that won't happen.

After some breakfast and a little playtime it's time to feed the baby. I sit on the couch with her and the bottle. Feeding is going fine. Between 8:30am and 9am, this is the progression of 'events':

– I'm approached and asked if I can help him put on his tinted goggles. I oblige.
– now he wants his decibel reducing headphones on. I oblige again.
– nothing for several minutes (I should have been concerned)
– I'm rolled up on by my toddler riding his Thomas the Tank Engine with his tinted goggles, headphones, a pair of toy binoculars around his neck
– my thoughts were, "well this is funny, I should get a picture" (I did)
– he gets off the engine lifts the storage compartment under the seat and hands me my drivers license. From my wallet. Which was in a drawer…'inaccessible'.
– he 'drives' off only to return with my college faculty I.D.
– I casually asked (because now I'm concerned that my wallet and its contents are as good as gone), "Could you bring me my wallet please?"
– he rides off. I don't know if he heard me due to the decibel reducing headphones
– alas he returns with my wallet!!
– it's empty.

I finally found all the contents of the wallet while he was napping. How could he not nap with the amount of miles he put in on his Thomas Engine?

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