Happy New Year 2018!!

2017 was a challenging year in may ways but on a personal and family level 2017 was a successful year. It all began with the birth of our daughter Ellington Wriston-Dole on January 27th. At the beginning we weren't sure how easily a family unit of 3 would morph into a family unit of 4,... Continue Reading →

Toddler Days 8.23.17

The fear is real. The anger palpable. The force of nature that is my toddler can be felt from different parts of the house. You know it is there, in the undercurrent of the activities, the subtext to the babbling. When will it erupt?The eruption is inevitable. What will be the trigger? On any given... Continue Reading →

Toddler Days 8.8.17

Be careful what you ask for. Many times I find myself wishing, pleading, for some peace and quiet during the day. And when that quiet happens, there cannot be peace! Quiet toddlers are like quiet farts. They're dangerous!As I was cleaning the kitchen from our breakfast bar making, I noticed something odd. I could hear... Continue Reading →

Toddler Days 8.2.17

Evening walks have become an exercise in inefficiency. Q: How can one walk for nearly an hour and basically go nowhere?A: Bring a toddler.I've learned that there are really big sticks, big sticks, and play sticks. Depending on the mood of the toddler no stick is an appropriate stick, ever. Rocks have similar categories, but... Continue Reading →

Toddler Days 7.27.17

You know something is amiss when your toddler who regularly wakes up precisely at 6:51am every single morning wakes up at 9:30am. This is not cause for celebration. This is cause for alarm and a warning. Raise your threat level to orange. Just know that something will go down today.Question:How can a tiny human simultaneously... Continue Reading →

Toddler Days 7.25.17

Here is my attempt to document the crazy days I have with my 2.5 year old son. This isn't because my toddler boy is special and everybody needs to know about him and his activities , it's simply because he does some whacked out shit and I don't want to forget about it! You may... Continue Reading →

Finding The Groove

As a stay at home dad, loving husband, and freelance musician, my schedule is anything but steady and predictable! Many days (or weeks...) can go by without making much progress on the goals I have set out for myself. Days blend together and turn into weeks and I'm still at square one with many ideas... Continue Reading →

Reading, Reading, Ready, and READ!!

OK. I've been reading a lot lately. I admit it and I'm okay with it. I recently asked people to post on my Facebook page books they enjoyed reading in 2014 and I got plenty of new stuff to stack up on my nightstand (I would stack them on my nightstand if my Sweetie will... Continue Reading →

Resolutions: Professional Edition 2015

Okay, I know I kind of poo-pooed the idea of resolutions, but in the spirit of trying to make 2015 better than 2014 (I don't know HOW that could happen), here are a few resolutions I could improve upon in my professional musical life: 1. Figure out how to SELL and WORK the great duo... Continue Reading →

30-Day Experiment: Week 1

Well, we've come to the end of the first week of my experiment and so far this is how it's been going: Step 1: Make Food Step 2: Photograph Food Step 3: Exercise Step 4: Feel Good Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 through 3 the jump to Step 6 Step 6: Feel Like Crap Step... Continue Reading →

30 Day Experiment: Day 5

I'm just gonna come out and say it. Day 5 sucked. Everything went wrong on this day. I tried to change the tube on my flattened bike tire. I cut up my hands. The tire is still flat. I sit down at my desk, I scrap my fingers on the edge. I pull out a... Continue Reading →

Leap Year Neglect

Wow. Another Leap Year has literally leaped by me once again without any notice. Really, it's just another day in another week as part of another year. I didn't feel any different, do anything strange, or took notice at all to be honest. However...the day was full of abnormalities: - The day was rather warm.... Continue Reading →

Life in the Year of Art

I've decided that 2012 was going to be the year of living a sustainable, artistic and happy life. So far so good! January started out looking pretty good. The gigs were lining up nicely, the trombone was sounding nearly the best it had in years and years! THEN, the phone rings... IUPUI wanted to hire... Continue Reading →

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