Toddler Days 8.23.17

The fear is real.

The anger palpable.

The force of nature that is my toddler can be felt from different parts of the house.

You know it is there, in the undercurrent of the activities, the subtext to the babbling.

When will it erupt?

The eruption is inevitable. What will be the trigger?

On any given day the trigger could be:

– wrong song on stereo for dancing?

– falling off of [insert piece of furniture here]?

– being asked to put sticks/acorns/rocks back into nature box on porch?

– realizing we only have strawberries and are out of bananas?

– realizing we only have bananas and are out of strawberries?

– requesting the wrong book to be read to him?

– getting a diaper changed?

-not getting a diaper changed?

– toy trains derailing?

– going down for a nap?

– waking up from a nap?

– being hungry and demanding lunch?

– having the wrong lunch put in front of him?

– not being hungry?

Every day is an adventure into the unknown.

There are sweet and loving moments too, don’t get me wrong. The crazy, however clearly occupies the majority of our time during the days.

For the most part though, the eruptions can be minimized and sometimes diverted simply with a homemade popsicle that is always consumed OUT ON THE PORCH! (It’s amazing how quickly a popsicle can be disassembled and disseminated through the house when not watched!)

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