Happy New Year 2018!!


2017 was a challenging year in may ways but on a personal and family level 2017 was a successful year.

Ellington Wriston-Dole, b. 1/27/2017It all began with the birth of our daughter Ellington Wriston-Dole on January 27th. At the beginning we weren’t sure how easily a family unit of 3 would morph into a family unit of 4, but it was easier and more fun than we ever could have imagined!

Griffin is a stellar big brother! He loves his baby sister and she loves him! When we brought her home, we made sure we paid lots of attention to Griffin and many friends came over to give him gifts, so he made a pretty smooth transition. The two siblings are beginning to play together and of course Ellington wants to do EVERYTHING Griffin is doing!

The year was a busy year for both Stacy and I professionally. We did find some time to spend lots of family time together, going on walks several times a week, taking day trips here and there, hiking through the woods and exploring our beautiful neighborhood and city.

Griffin is growing up so fast! The older he gets, the more friends he has, the funnier and more talkative and outgoing he becomes. There isn’t a night that goes by where he doesn’t do something, or say something that just totally cracks us up!

Ellington is all laughter. She laughs all the time and dances, oh boy, what a dancer! Well, she kind of dances like Elaine from Seinfeld, except she can’t stand, so she ‘does the Elaine’ from her knees. Oh, if you are near Ellie when she is dancing, you better be clapping your hands with her!

Ellie is beginning to get out of her ‘stranger danger’ phase, so she is comfortable waving to pretty much anybody that walks by us in a restaurant or in a store. If those people approach her to wave back, then she’ll duck her head and look away, then wave again as the people are walking away. Her expressions are absolutely priceless and I can only imagine the future fun we’ll have with her!

What will 2018 bring? I don’t know, but I can imagine that there will be a lot of laughter, a lot of work, and a lot of love!


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