Life in the Year of Art

I’ve decided that 2012 was going to be the year of living a sustainable, artistic and happy life. So far so good!

January started out looking pretty good. The gigs were lining up nicely, the trombone was sounding nearly the best it had in years and years! THEN, the phone rings…

IUPUI wanted to hire me to teach a Music Business Marketing class. “When do classes start” I asked hoping that I would have some time to get prepared. “In 5 days” I heard from the other end of the phone.

5 days to prepare what had become 5 classes and 9 credit hours.

I finally had a chance to look up a week ago or so and now I’m back on track to make 2012 the year of an artistic, sustainable and happy year that will (hopefully) carry on through the rest of my life.

This blog will help me organize my thoughts as I struggle to juggle the trombone and teaching, all the while reducing ‘stuff’ in my life in order to gain a clear headed approach to life!

Good luck to me! I’m gonna need it!

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