And now the Playlist!

My running playlist

Wow! I’ve been tweaking this playlist since I’ve started running regularly back in June, and I feel like I really have it poppin’ right now!

Last night, instead of relaxing and getting 10 hours of sleep, I stayed up and added the Beats Per Minute (BPM) for every tune in my list! Ideally, I want to run at a pace between 170-180 BPM. The faster the foot turnover, the smaller the steps, which means that I get my feet underneath my body and I begin running with better posture, which makes it easier to breath and relax my upper body. Also, with a faster pace like this, I’m forced to strike the ground on my mid-foot/ball of my foot, which is much more comfortable than landing on my heel.

Recently, I’ve added a shit-ton of Peter Gabriel to my iTunes collection, so several of these tracks have made it into the updated playlist!

So here is a brief overview of my playlist:
48 Songs

Peter Gabriel on tour 2012!

3.5 Hours of Listening Pleasure
Artists ranging from: Action Figure Party to Spearhead
Most Tracks from One Artist: Peter Gabriel has a clear lead here with 15 Songs, The Police, Sharon Jones, and the Bamboos are all in a close 2nd place!
BPM: Everything from 72-200 BPM.

Basically, I have a nice eclectic collection of tunes all with a strong beat, healthy harmonic integrity, interesting lyrics, and most importantly these tunes will keep me energized and since I have more tunes than I need, I can easily pass by one if I’m not in the mood for it.

So, what do you like to listen to while running, working out, or exercising? Any particular artists, or genre you put on to ensure a good energized athletic activity?

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